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Members Area

Membership requirements

Membership of the IPDPA is open only to Qualified, Licenced and Approved SUA/Drone Operators or Pilots.


In order to be accepted as a member evidence of the following documents and information must be submitted:

Current approvals issued by the IAA/EASA

MySRS Registration number

Company or Sole Trader Registration number

Company website address

Company contact

Click here for an application form and more details about fees and membership. Please email completed forms to members@ipdpa.ie

*Currently membership is open to those who hold a current SOP or PCC issued by the IAA or those who hold an IAA/EASA Specific Category PDRA-01 / PDRA-02, SORA or LUC approval issued by the IAA under the newly introduced EASA (EU) Drone Legislation.


As an introductory offer and with the current pandemic effects on business and the challenges associated with the introduction of the new EASA Regulations in mind the IPDPA is offering a *free trial membership to those who register before the 31st December 2022. Full membership fees will be applied on the 1st January 2023. A menu of fees can be found by clicking on the New Member Form button above.

*Free trial membership ends on 31st December 2022, full membership fees will be applied from 1st January 2023.

Code of Conduct
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All members will be expected to observe the following general principles. These principles will be taken into consideration when any complaint is received.


At all times all members will act in accordance with the IPDPA code of conduct and all relevant and current legislation pertaining to the ownership and operation of SUAs (Drones) in Irish or European Law, full details of which can be found at www.iaa.ie/drones. Those operating under special permissions issued by the IAA must adhere to the requirements and limitations of their approvals.


Any member who has charge of the operation of an SUA (Drone) shall not permit that aircraft to be operated in a manner to cause hazard to other aircraft, or operate in the vicinity of a no fly zone, or in a negligent manner so as to endanger life or cause damage to property of others.


Members will not behave in a way that may bring the associations reputation into disrepute or cause damage to the associations professional good standing. 


Members shall take decisions solely in terms of the associations best interest. Members should not abuse the IPDPA’s good standing so as to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their businesses, their family, or their friends.


Members shall not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might attempt to influence the goals or business of the IPDPA. 


Members will not use the name or any Logo/mark of the association without receiving prior permission from the association and will cease the use of such immediately on leaving the association or on instruction from the IPDPA. 


Members are expected to uphold the associations Code of Ethics, Mission Statement, Vision and Values at all times.


Members will treat fellow members and non-members equally and with respect.


Members have a duty to promote the safe and legal use of Drones in Ireland and in a manner, which promotes the positive benefits of this technology in our community. 


Members are accountable for their decisions and actions and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate where required or initiated by officers of the IPDPA.


Failure to adhere to the IPDPA code of conduct and current rules, regulation and legislation pertaining to the ownership and operation of SUAs (Drones) in Irish Airspace may result in the application of penalties or expulsion from the association and a report being raised with the Regulator, the IAA.

Privacy Data Protection

You can request a copy of our privacy and data protection statement by emailing admin@ipdpa.ie

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