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The IPDPA Team

The IPDPA Team are all Professional Drone Pilots with a passion for the Drone Industry in Ireland. Between them they have amassed an impressive number of flying hours operating a range of Drones in a variety of operational scenarios.


Our founder and President, Raymond Kerr is an Aviation veteran with 45 years experience in the Airline and Airport industry. A former General Manager of Dublin International Airport, CEO of Siemens Logistics (ASEAN Pacific), and Head of Operations at easyJet he brings a wealth of knowledge to the IPDPA. An enthusiastic and experienced Drone and RC Scale Model Pilot Raymond bought his first Drone, which he still has, 20 years ago. Raymond favours DJI equipment and prefers to operate small to medium sized Drones; bigger is not always better.


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Recognised as one of Irelands leading Commercial Drone Operators and highly respected within the Professional Drone Community our IPDPA Chairman, Fergal McCarthy has been flying SUA’s for more than a decade. Fergal operates some of the most advanced Drone equipment in Ireland today.

Passionate about Drones and Technology Fergal’s broad experience and incisive knowledge represent an invaluable resource.


Treasurer / Finance Director

Our Treasurer is a qualified chartered accountant and responsible for all financial aspects and financial reporting for the IPDPA.


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Welcome from the IPDPA team


A very warm welcome from our IPDPA Team. We are passionate about the Drone Industry in Ireland and determined to do all we can to ensure the sustainable growth of this exciting emerging Industry. 

Safety and Responsibility are paramount to the success of the Drone profession and critical to achieving acceptance and support from Government, the Regulator (IAA), other stakeholders and most importantly the general public. 

We are committed to representing the Professional Irish Drone community and to protecting and enhancing the image of Professional Drone Operators in Ireland.

The IPDPA has been established by highly experienced Professional Drone Operators and is managed by those Professional Drone Operators to represent the Professional Drone community in Ireland.

Safety & Standards Director

Safety and Standards are paramount to our organisation. We have established connections with a number of other aviation groups to collaborate and share information to ensure the highest levels of safety and standards are achieved.

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Legislation Director

The IPDPA Legislation Director advises on all aspects of a legal nature, represents the IPDPA during any legal action and assists our team of experts to interpret relevant current legislation pertaining to Drone operations in Europe.


Government Liaison Officer

Our Government Liaison Officer is responsible for maintaining our relationship with representatives from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Aviation Safety and Security Division.

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IAA Liaison Officer

Amicable relationships with our Regulator the IAA are critically important to the development of the Drone Industry in Ireland. The role of IAA liaison officer is one of great importance within the IPDPA. The IAA liaison officer maintains regular contact with representatives of the IAA. 


Press Relations Officer (PRO)

Responsible for our relationship with the Media and general public, the PRO also takes care of our Membership base.


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