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If you are a registered Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) Operator in Ireland and/or a qualified, IAA licensed and approved SUA/Drone Pilot the IPDPA is here to support you and promote responsible safe flying.

About the Irish Professional Drone Pilots Association

Established by Professional Drone Pilots to represent the Professional Drone Pilot community in Ireland.The IPDPA promotes best practice amongst its members and presents a unified voice ensuring that all operators are represented fairly.


The core pillars of the IPDPA are:

Representation and Support

Advocate for the Irish Drone industry. Providing Professional and recognised representation, services and support to our members within the Irish Professional Drone Community. Enhancing the role and status of Professional Drone Pilots in Ireland.

Safety and Standards

Promoting safety and impeccable standards to protect our members and other users of airspace in Ireland.


Providing a forum to exchange information and coordinate activities amongst professional Drone Pilots in Ireland. The IPDPA encourages a culture of collaboration and information sharing.


Promoting the services of our members throughout the wider business community enabling end-user industries to easily identify the most appropriate operators to engage for their specific projects. Protect and enhance the image of Professional Drone Operators in Ireland.

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What we do

IPDPA is the Irish Professional Drone Pilots Association. We are a professional body and trade association which supports, represents and acts on behalf of the Professional Drone Community in Ireland.

On behalf of our members we work closely with industry regulators such as the IAA and EASA as well as Government departments to influence and shape the industry in Ireland ensuring that the regulatory framework promotes safe and professional operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) and that it is fit for purpose and encourages best practice.

The Association also works tirelessly with other stakeholders to develop National and European strategies to benefit our members.


The IPDPA advocates professionalism within its membership through strict compliance with the Associations Code of Conduct and the requirement of approved members to hold all relevant Licences, Approvals and Insurance.

Through a positive progressive approach the Associations goal is to influence direction on national issues of relevance, to raise awareness of the IPDPA in all customer industries and enhance the image and reputation of the Professional Drone Community in Ireland.


Approved member listings

Looking for an approved professional dependable Drone Operator?

Our members offer a variety of Aerial Drone Services.

All of the Drone Operators listed on our site are Licenced and Approved by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) 

Useful sites

You can find a number of useful links here. We have listed links to the Regulator (IAA), IAA approved training schools, Drone insurance companies and one or two trusted Retailers located in Ireland.

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